Review Policy


Thank you for your interest in my business!

While I am happy to leave an honest review on the books I edit, I will also gladly review both ARCs and final/finished copies. Digital copies are probably easiest for both of us, and I can accept them via email (.mobi is preferred). If you’d prefer to send me a print copy of your book, please reach out for my address.

The best way to reach me is by filling out the contact form on my Contact Me Please include:

  • a summary of your book,
  • its release date,
  • the approximate page count (or word count),
  • and your preferred time frame.

I want to love your book! I will probably decline to review your book if it doesn’t sound like something I’d be interested in. This is nothing personal, but I don’t want to waste your time or disappoint you with a bad review.

  • Some of my favorite genres and tropes: young adult, new adult, contemporary romance, romantic comedies, paranormal romance, friends-to-lovers, enemies-to-lovers, reverse harem, erotica, fantasy, Sci-fi, mixed genres and crime fiction
  • I typically dislike: Nightmare horror themed books.

In addition to this blog, I post my reviews on: Goodreads and

My review system:






My rating is based on:

  • Overuse or under-use of punctuation
  • Repetitive or confusing word choice
  • Story-flow hiccups and syntax errors
  • Shows no signs of editing, let alone self editing

A disclaimer: While I will certainly go into your book hoping to love it, it’s possible that I will not. My review will be honest and will not attack you personally. If you are uncomfortable with negative reviews, please do not request that I review your book.

If you’ve read all of this and are still interested in requesting a review, I look forward to hearing from you here!

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